The Washington Post

I worked on the series examining the state of press freedom with Dana Priest, concentrating on the story of Khadija Ismayilova in Azerbaijan.


I wrote an essay about how Viktor Orban is using anti-refugee propaganda in Hungary. You can see my photos of the refugee crisis from the Hungarian border and from Keleti railway station here.

New York Times – Contributing reporter

I helped New York Times reporters with reporting in Hungary – gathered background information, identified and contacted sources, translated during interviews. A selection of the stories I worked on:

How Did Hungary’s Election Become a Circus?

A Village Stadium Is a Symbol of Power for Hungary’s Premier

Ready to Fight for a Drink That Tastes Like a Slap in the Face

Hungary’s Central Bank Seizes Bold Strategies

Bloomberg Businessweek

They picked up and published my story on the Hungarian health care system written for Transitions Online. – “Low pay at home, plus poor prospects and conditions, spur hundreds of physicians each year to seek work elsewhere in the EU.”

Transitions Online

I wrote features stories and produced audio slide shows for TOL. Many of my stories are behind a paywall, but I can send the saved screen grabs of them by request. A selection of stories that are not behind the paywall:

Hard Cases – a feature story on a school in downtown Budapest that gives hope to high-school dropouts.

Teaching one history, living another – how teachers of high school history had to adapt to a changes curriculum after the Iron Curtain fell


When news broke that six Hungarian government officials were banned from the U.S. based on corruption charges, editor of the FCPA blog, Richard L. Cassin asked me to explain what is happening. FCPA Blog is an important hub of news and analysis on corruption.

Hungary demands evidence following U.S. ban on officials and businessmen

Hungary protesters: ‘Fire our tax collector the Americans call corrupt’

Hartford Business Journal

Girl Scouts’ CEO Breaking the Mold – Venerable organization recasts itself as a business that needs to act like one

University of Maryland blog

I wrote this blog post about journalism and coding, based on my own experience for the UMD Humphrey blog: How I overcame my fear of coding as a journalist

American Journalism Review /

In the 2014 fall semester I was a student writer for the American Journalism review. I did news and analysis as well.

‘Illiberal’ Catchphrase Awakens U.S. Media to Story of Hungary